Cloudron LAMP App (PHP 7.4)


This page is a placeholder showing information on how to use the LAMP stack (PHP 7.4.33) This page will get overwritten, when an index.php or index.html is uploaded.

Database Credentials

MySQL, Redis & SMTP credentials are stored in credentials.txt. You can access this file via SFTP or via the File Manager.

Note that the credentials can only be used from within your app. They will not work from outside the Cloudron.


phpMyAdmin is installed here. For login credentials, see phpmyadmin_login.txt via SFTP or the File Manager.


Put a file called crontab into the directory /app/data and it will be picked up at next app restart. It has to be in the cron syntax without username and must end with a newline. For example, the following crontab updates feeds every hour:

0 * * * * php /app/code/update.php --feeds

Commands are executed as the user www-data. Generate cron patterns via crontabgenerator.